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In 2011, host Danielle Vogel left a career on Capitol Hill to start a business engineered to make incremental climate change progress. She had become frustrated with the slow pace of change on the federal level, and wanted to create a space where making progress was easy, convenient, and delicious. On Everyday Enviro, she calls on her network of friends, business partners and allies in the environmental movement to share tricks and tips that empower listeners to think critically about the way they eat, drink, shop and think. The goal: to reveal ultra-easy ways to minimize your personal carbon footprint.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Local Grocers Unite

    Danielle chats with Each Peach Market Co-Founder Emily Friedberg about finding local favorites, spotting trends in small-batch food and making climate change progress -- one bite at a time. Emily shares thoughts and tips for shopping wisely, when looking to minimize your personal carbon footprint.

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    Clean Plate Club: Maximizing Mileage for Leftovers

    Danielle talks with Washington Post Food Writer Tim Carman about innovative ideas for repurposing leftovers. Tim shares ideas for stretching your food dollar while minimizing your personal carbon footprint.

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    Bike Commuting 101

    Danielle talks with Shengyin Xu of the World Resources Institute about the benefits of bike commuting and gets some pro-tips on making the transition for cyclists of all levels.

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    Save The Environment: Eat Great Chocolate

    Danielle chats with Lotta Andonian, Founder of Eat Chic chocolate and winner of AccelerateHERdc, about her work and her vision for the future of sustainably sourced confections.

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    Earth Day Special: The Story of Glen's Garden Market

    Six years ago today, Everyday Enviro host Danielle Vogel opened the doors to Glen's Garden Market to make incremental climate change progress. On today's episode, she shares the Glen's origin story.

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    Climate Change Policy Primer

    Danielle talks with Tiernan Sittenfeld of the League of Conservation Voters about the history of -- and prognosis for -- progressive federal climate change policy.

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    Be a good enviro: eat your tacos

    Danielle talks tacos with Chaia Taco co-founder Bettina Stern. Get tips on building the perfect veggie taco at home, using local, seasonal produce from your farmers' market.

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    Fighting Food Waste in a Restaurant Kitchen

    Danielle talks with Chef Tim Ma, owner of Kyirisan and American Son, about the ways he's fighting food waste in his commercial kitchens and gets tips on how we can do the same at home.

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