Everyday Enviro
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In 2011, host Danielle Vogel left a career on Capitol Hill to start a business engineered to make incremental climate change progress. She had become frustrated with the slow pace of change on the federal level, and wanted to create a space where making progress was easy, convenient, and delicious. On Everyday Enviro, she calls on her network of friends, business partners and allies in the environmental movement to share tricks and tips that empower listeners to think critically about the way they eat, drink, shop and think. The goal: to reveal ultra-easy ways to minimize your personal carbon footprint.

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    How to start up your own home or office composting practice

    Danielle talks with local enviro enthusiast Zack Clark about the ins and outs of composting at home and at work. They explore how and what to collect and where to bring compost around town, as well as how best to convince colleagues that composting is worth the effort.

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    Drinking Responsibly (Part II): save the world/drink local beer

    Danielle Vogel talks with Port City Brewing Company founder Bill Butcher about the ways you can make environmental progress just by drinking sustainably sourced local, craft beer. They dive into the nuances of sourcing ingredients, glassware and equipment and they explore the fundamentals of shoping your values, when it comes to beer.

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    Dressing Responsibly: what to know about what you're wearing.

    Danielle Vogel and Maven Women founder, Rebecca Ballard, explore sustainable fashion, discussing everything from organic cotton to garment lifecycles. Rebecca shares tips and resources for those looking to dress responsibly, from an environmental perspective.

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    Produce Primer: an urban farmer's tips for picking perfect produce

    In the debut episode of Everyday Enviro, Danielle Vogel chats with urban farmer Chelsea Barker about the nuances of local v. organic v. sustainable produce. They discuss what you need to know when you’re making your choices at the grocery store or farmers’ market, and they explore the feasibility of growing produce at home or at a community garden as a way to enhance nutrient density and reduce the number of miles your food travels to your plate.

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    Drinking Responsibly (Part 1): enviro wine 101

    Danielle Vogel talks with local wine sommelier Andrew Stover about the ways in which we can reduce our personal carbon footprint by drinking sustainably made wines. They explore the nuances of local/sustainable vs. non-local/biodynamic, cans v. bottles and where to find the most environmentally conscious wines in the DMV.